Q. What is the Endowment Fund?
A. The Hellenic American Academy Endowment Trust was started in the year 2000 with the goal of increasing the revenue base of the Hellenic American Academy in Lowell, MA.

Q. Why do we need an Endowment Fund?
A. At present time, the school runs a deficit. Currently, the Endowment supplements programs, textbooks, teachers’ salaries, technological improvements, curriculum enhancements... In the future, with the help of generous donors and hard-working committee members of the Endowment we hope to bridge the deficit and propel the school into a self-sufficient state.

Q. Where does the Endowment Fund get it’s contributors?
A. Our generous contributors, mostly from our local and Hellenic community, support the Endowment outright by mailing in donations or by attending one of our many functions. Past events include  Golf Tournaments, Silent Auctions, Opa Dinner Dance, and a Buy-a-Brick Campaign. Many individuals have obtained matching donations from their place of work.

Q. How much is in the Endowment Fund today?
A. We are proud to say, drum roll, we had $1,000,000 in deposits in April 2012. At that time we committed to give the Hellenic American Academy $250,000 per year over three years as they implemented significant changes at the academy. In 2015, the church board requested another significant commitment to keep the Academy open and running to the highest standards. Needless to say, the reserves in the Endowment have been significantly depleted to under $100,000.

Q. Why don't you give all the money to the school, today.
A. That's a great question. The reason we do not use that money today is similar to why you may have a started a retirement fund. Over time money that is invested grows. This also gives the academy financial security for the 21st century.

Q. How much money has the Endowment Fund contributed to date?
A. Through April 2018 the Endowment has distributed $1,435,542 to the Hellenic American Academy.

Q. Wow, the Hellenic American Academy has already benefited from the Endowment Fund,  I don’t have a lot of  money,  are there other ways that I can contribute?
A.  Absolutely, we are always looking for help with the EF annual events. Parents, teachers and church members have helped at the Golf Tournament by soliciting sponsors, registering golfers, running a putting contest, and attending the luncheon. We have also run a dances, silent auctions and annual mailings which are always in need of volunteers. 

Q.  Whom should I contact if I have more questions or want to get involved?
A. Anyone interested in being involved should contact any board member for information. They are Donna Christopulos, Lynda Rizos, Voula Danas, Julie Grillakis, Kathy Kourkoulos, Theodora Stathopoulos. You may also email us.

Q. How can I donate?
A.  Donations can be made simply by pressing the "Donate" link on our website. You will be redirected to a secure server. We also accept checks by mail and stock bequests through our investment advisor. Please contact us for further information. Supporting our events and linking our Amazon Smile Charity account are other ways to support the Endowment.